383 Acres in Southern NH

Special Purpose for Sale
Size: 2,400 SF, Price: $1,700,000
214 Appleton Rd, New Ipswich, NH

Southern New Hampshire farm property for sale. Over 383 acres of pasture, woodland, blueberry fields and hilltops. Over 6,000 feet of road ...

33 Beacon Hill

Farm/Ranch for Sale
Size: 3.65 Acres, Price: $299,000
33 Beacon Hill Rd, Derry, NH

Horse Lovers, & Landscapers, Contractors, or just looking for serenity in S. New Hampshire, lots of out buildings and land! Nice Ranch style house ...

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Commercial For Sale In Nashua NH

Opportunity Zone Retail Strip Mall

Retail-Commercial for Sale
Size: 16,246 SF, Price: $1,350,000
69-75 Main St, Nashua, NH

Opportunity Zone Nashua NH. Street Retail Building at Signalized Intersection with River Frontage For Sale. Long recognized property at lighted ...

Barber Shop or Hair Salon

Retail-Commercial for Sale
Size: 424 SF, Price: $74,500
55 Kinsley St, Nashua, NH

This 424 SF space has been utilized as a hair salon for the past number of years. The building is well constructed and a number of improvements have ...

Retail Space For Sale

Retail-Commercial for Sale
Size: 30,000 SF, Price: $10,100,000
341 - 345 Amherst St, Nashua, NH

One retail space now available within the popular, high-end Red Fall/Green Fall Marketplace Plaza located along busy Amherst Street (NH Route 101-A) ...

Car Wash For Sale

Business Opportunity for Sale
, Price: $1,685,000
607 Amherst St, Nashua, NH

"The Car Wash is situated in front of 36,000 vehicles per day per DOT records (2015). The capture rate is therefore approximately .37% based on ...

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