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Catylist Shortcode Options

location = 

  • Leave off for all (Northeast?)
  • location = <State> (use State 2-letter code)
  • location = <State|City>
    Put the State first, then a vertical bar, then the town:
  • location= ‘NH’
  • location = ‘NH|Nashua’
  • location= ‘NH|Manchester’

category =

  • Leave off for all categories
  • category = ‘office’
  • category = ‘retail commercial’
  • category = ‘shopping center’
  • category = ‘multi family’
  • category = ‘hospitality’
  • category = ‘special purpose’
  • category = ‘industrial’
  • category = ‘vacant land’
  • category = ‘farm ranch’

option =

  • Leave off for both sale & lease
  • option = ‘sale’
  • option = ‘lease’

count = 

  • Leave off for default (show 4 properties)
  • Can be any number between 1 and 8 
  • count = 1 (might be useful in a sidebar)
  • count = 2 (might be useful in a blog post)
  • count = 4 (default: one full-width row)
  • count = 8 (two full-width rows)
  • The feed from Catylist supports up to 36 properties, but showing more than 8 will probably look ridiculous. 

Prime Redevelopment Site

Vacant Land for Sale
Size: 1.57 SF, Price: See Agent
35 E Hollis St, Nashua, NH

Attention investors and developers. This is an exciting and rare opportunity to purchase prime property in Nashua's downtown district, ripe with ...

Hangar Space at Nashua Airport

Industrial for Sale
Size: 12,840 SF, Price: $1,100,000
99 Perimeter Road , Nashua, NH

This hangar, with direct access to the runway at Nashua Airport, is now available for sale or lease. Potential uses would likely include storage, ...

111 Concord Street, Nashua, NH

Office for Sale
Size: 6,114 SF, Price: $562,500
111 Concord St, Nashua, NH

111 Concord Street is a freestanding, two-story professional office building situated on a level, half acre lot providing an excellent user/owner ...

29 Temple St, Nashua, NH

Multi-Family for Sale
Size: 8,728 SF, Price: $2,149,000
29 Temple St, Nashua, NH

This fully renovated 32 bedroom / 9 bathroom building is located in the flexible Downtown 1/ Mixed Use Zoning District of Nashua. Uses include, but ...

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